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Stories From "The Hill"...

- While the building was still operating as a hospital, a woman came to give birth. While in a patient room, a nurse walked in and told her she wouldn’t be having her baby that day and that she could return home. As she was leaving, another nurse stopped her and asked where she was going and the lady said, “The nurse told me to leave.” The nurse said, “What nurse? I’m the only nurse on this floor today.”

-A popular/strange story from the hospital’s history is that Dr. Salton had a horse that had become ill and required surgery. He was close to this particular creature and brought it to the hospital, where he walked it in, onto the elevator and transported it to one of the operating rooms on an upper floor. Staff reported hearing the “clacking” noises of the hooves on the 3rd floor and were completely surprised to hear that a horse was in-fact on the 4th floor.



-A story exists of a nurse who passed away at the old hospital and employees still saw her working even after her death. A construction worker saw her on the 4th floor and refused to go back to that floor during the renovation of the building.
Additionally, reports of a “floating nurse” exist in the basement. It is specifically noted that she is seen going between the two x-ray rooms at the end of the hall.

-People outside the building whom live around Downtown Williamson often report lights coming on and off, people staring out the windows, shadow figures and smoke out the top of the building. Numerous times the Williamson Police Department has responded to calls of folks inside the building only to find allentry points secured.

-During paranormal tours in 2018, a tour guide repeatedly became ill in the left X-Ray room. Her flash lights (with brand new batteries) would also die/flicker upon entering the room multiple times. During one of the final tours during the 2018 season, a local medium told the cast/crew that there was a man behind the X-Ray control panel that did not want the crew in that room.

-Also during paranormal tours in 2018, the crew member who assisted visitors riding between floors had the elevator stop on floors that were not being used by tours. Strangely, the way the elevator is wired, someone on those floors would have to press the button for it to go to those specific floors. To add, the crew had locked the doors to the floors that weren’t being used to control where folks were able to visit. This person also noted several times that lights or figures (particularly female in appearance) could be seen through the doors as they passed the unoccupied floors. Note; the Old Hospital elevator is the oldest in operation in Mingo County, West Virginia.

- A paranormal investigator captured audio of someone saying, “Help me,” in the hallway of the basement in 2018.

-On Halloween Night 2018, Sheena Daniels, a guest participating on one of our tours, captured a paranormal occurrence. Immediately following her tour, Sheena took these two photos at the “over look” situated between the Hospital Building and Nurses Building. Several have claimed this to be the nurse that never clocked out. (We had NO actors or actresses positioned outside during any tours AND none of our crew had on any outfits that match what’s shown in the first photo!)


-On January 23rd 1956, a Norfolk & Western Passenger Train derailed and crashed in Cedar, West Virginia (south-eastern Mingo County). Notably, this train, "The Pocahontas" was being pulled by the famous J-Class No. 611 steam engine. The engineer was killed, nine passengers were hospitalized, and 14 others received treatment as a result of the crash. Those 23 individuals involved in the crash were brought to Williamson Memorial Hospital. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 9.43.48 PM.png

-In July of 1962, a gunman who had murdered a Williamson police officer, leaped from a 2nd floor window, possibly attempting to commit suicide, but didn’t die in the fall. Weeks later however, he passed away from injuries sustained. Various newspaper headlines are available that factually confirm this. Some folks have indicated seeing a figure in this specific room looking out at night time.

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