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The Old Hospital on College Hill has looked down over the City of Williamson, West Virginia for the past 96 Years. The facility is now open for both historical and paranormal tours, giving "new patients" a glimpse into one of the most unique paranormal destinations in Appalachia. For more information, please call 304-953-0987

History Alive?

Thousands of people passed through the halls of the Old Hospital on College Hill during its life-time....and perhaps some never left. Reports of figures, sounds, and strange occurrences are documented making this an ideal location for paranormal investigations. 


Do you have a story?

We always encourage former employees, guests, patients, and anyone who was associated with the Old Hospital on College Hill to reach out to us with your stories. We are constantly updating our history documents on the building and would love to have your story be a part of the legacy of the Old Hospital on College Hill.


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Physical: 728 Mulberry Street
Williamson, WV 25661

Mailing: 18 S. Sunset Blvd

Williamson, WV 25661


Tel: 304-953-0987   I  

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